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Mobile Apps

St. Jude MyChart User Guide

St. Jude MyChart for iOS and St. Jude MyChart for Android are mobile versions of St. Jude MyChart that you can use to manage your child’s health information on the go. The mobile apps contain many of the same features as the St. Jude MyChart website.

Pair with Apple WatchTM

If you have an iOS device, you can pair it with Apple Watch™. With St. Jude MyChart for Apple Watch, you can:

  • See alerts for new information in St. Jude MyChart
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Read messages
  • Review your child’s medication list

Connect Apple Health or Google Fit

If your doctor has assigned you a patient-entered flowsheet for tracking your child’s health data, you can connect St. Jude MyChart to Apple Health or Google Fit. This automatically pulls in data from other health and fitness apps or devices.

  1. In the St. Jude MyChart mobile app, open the Track My Health activity.
  2. Tap Connect to Health or Connect to Google Fit at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the data you want to share with St. Jude MyChart by tapping the toggle button for each type of data.
  4. Tap Done. At this point, any data that was already stored in Health or Google Fit is automatically synced to St. Jude MyChart.