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Patient Family-Centered Care Appreciation and Achievements

We honor individuals who support Patient Family-Centered Care (PFCC) at St. Jude with several recognition events, awards, and opportunities. 


  1. These staff members exemplify the core concepts, values and philosophies of PFCC. Parents on the Patient Family Advisory Council nominate staff and help honor the winners.

    Learn more about the PFCC Champion Award

     Nominate a Champion

  2. The annual Partner in Excellence is typically selected from the previous PFCC Champions honored at Breakfast of Champions. The Patient Family Advisory Council will vote to on each champion to select the winner for Partner in Excellence. It is a staff member whose work with patient families provides a basis for long-lasting partnership and growth of the PFCC program.

    Partner in Excellence Winners

  3. The Platinum Partner status honors PFCC volunteers for their loyal service. The lifetime role provides individuals continued partnership in PFCC services without requiring a commitment to a specific adviser role.


  1. The Breakfast of Champions celebration is an annual event hosted by the St. Jude Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Held in the St. Jude Kay Kafé, it recognizes staff whose actions and attitude promotes and supports PFCC. The Patient Family Advisory Council will assist in planning and hosting the event.

    Learn more about the PFCC Champion Award 

    Nominate a Champion

  2. Each spring, Volunteer Services hosts an event to thank volunteers from all areas of the hospital for their time, effort and passion.  All volunteers, including parent advisers, are invited and encouraged to attend. Many volunteers are honored for the number of hours completed and years of commitment.

    Learn more about Volunteer Recognition


    • St. Jude staff requested parent involvement or feedback 64 times
    • Parent advisers have been heavily involved in many initiatives at St. Jude, including providing input on the renovation of numerous clinics
    • Parents provided input for the design of the new family space, the development of a parent app, expansion of the school programs and implementation plans for the Transition Oncology Program (TOP)
    • Advisers furthered their partnership with the Quality and Safety team to expand involvement
    • Parents partnered with staff by serving on an Antimicrobial Utilization and Improvement Committee
    • One parent adviser partnered with staff by serving on a work group for integrative medicine that will offer holistic therapy
    • Parents provided feedback that helped launch the national cancer website, Together
    • Parent volunteers served as members of the Institutional Quality Patient Safety Council, the Grievance Committee, and 10 nursing unit-based councils
    • Parent volunteers participated in committees and workgroups in areas including design and construction, family education, and Quality of Life and Palliative Care events
    • Advisers shared the parent perspective in the process of designing new programs including affiliate transitions, adolescent and young adult programming, parent support initiatives, and pain management for sickle cell
    • Parent involvement has resulted in positive changes, including support in patient care emergencies, nursing bedside reporting, appointment wait times, inpatient discharge, on-therapy to off-therapy transition, and quality-of-life seminars
    • Parent volunteers graciously assisted in passing out 750 cookies to inpatient units
    • During Nursing Care Team Appreciation week, parent volunteers donated their time to show their gratitude
    • The parent mentor program has grown immensely as parent mentors continued to provide support to more newly diagnosed families and bereaved families
    • Patient Family-Centered Care welcomed and trained twelve new parent mentors for a total of 60 parent mentors
    • The QoL Steering Council welcomed more than 400 guests from 22 countries that attended the second annual Pediatric Palliative Oncology Symposium in September 2018
    • St. Jude hosted more than 12 families and 425 people that were in attendance for Day of Remembrance, an event that provides an opportunity for bereaved families to honor the memories of their children at St. Jude
    • Eleven parent advisers assisted with staff education by leading role-playing workshops on best practices, serving on panels and presenting their families’ stories
    • Parents attended and participated in End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC), QOL Seminars, the Pediatric Palliative Oncology Symposium (PPOS), Fellows Communication Training, Schwartz Center Rounds, and presentations at national conferences
    • Initially, four bereaved parents volunteered to offer support to newly bereaved parents with three additional bereaved parent volunteers joining soon after
    • Parent volunteers sent over 528 handwritten mailings to families
    • Parent advisers contacted and provided support to 125 newly bereaved families
    • The online E-Council had 241 members who viewed newsletters, announcements and surveys to provide vital feedback on many PFCC initiatives through the website
    • Several advisers on the E-Council contributed to numerous discussions including:
      • Spanish Family Talk
      • St. Jude Parent Newsletters
      • Psychosocial Services Satisfaction Survey
      • Videos explaining St. Jude Services and Teams
      • Breakfast of Champions Nominations
    • We welcomed more than 25 new parent advisers to our virtual council
    • Parents hosted 3 St. Jude 101 events, an event for parents and caregivers to meet with other St. Jude parents. 40 parents and caregivers of St. Jude patients attended these events
    • In the past year, there were 6 Family Talks hosted within inpatient units, outpatient units and the housing facilities to support parents in sharing with other parents in an informal setting. 24 parents and caregivers of St. Jude patients attended these events
    • In 2018, PFCC held the first Family Talk for Spanish-Speaking Families featuring interpreters, bilingual parent advisers and resources in Spanish
    • Throughout the year, parent volunteers hosted 3 Recruitment Tables to educate families and staff about Patient Family-Centered Care and the ways they can be involved
    • In October, parent volunteers celebrated Patient Family-Centered Care Awareness Month where they held a staff education table and handed out cake and information about Patient Family-Centered Care
    • Volunteer Services hosted the annual Breakfast of Champions to recognize St. Jude staff members who exemplify the concepts of PFCC in their area of work and beyond
    • Patient Family-Centered Care staff assisted in creating signage honoring the champions of Patient Family-Centered Care and the winner of the Partner in Excellence Award. Signage will appear around the hospital to share our appreciations for our champions
    • Numerous volunteers participated in Nursing Care Team Appreciation events