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Daily Routines

Your clinic visit begins when you check in at the Patient Registration desk just past the Patient Care Center lobby. Your child must receive an identification (ID) armband. You will be handed a schedule card that lists the areas your child needs to visit that day. The ID armband should be removed when your child leaves for the day.

Your first visit may take longer than usual as St. Jude staff gather necessary information from you.

The usual steps of your day are:

  • registration desk
  • assessment and triage
  • patient representative
  • check-up by a member of your clinical team
  • treatment
  • nurse scheduler to plan your next visit

Other steps may include:

  • special testing, such as X-rays, CT or MRI
  • meeting with a psychologist, social worker, chaplain or child life specialist
  • school lessons in one of the hospital classrooms
  • food and nutrition counseling
  • dental or other specialty clinic visit. 

Patient Representative 

Before each outpatient visit, including your child’s first, you will check in with a patient representative. In turn, this staff member will alert the proper clinic that you have arrived. Patient representatives are located in every clinic and at each of the waiting area reception desks. These staff members offer customer service for all patients and guests in the Ambulatory Care Unit. Your patient representative can be a great source of information about your visit to St. Jude.