St. Jude surgeons are world-renowned for innovative approaches that save the lives of children with cancer and other diseases.


Successfully operating on your child’s growing body requires specialized expertise and experience. The St. Jude Surgery Department takes the toughest cases. These include children with tumors that other pediatric surgeons may consider inoperable. 

We specialize in complex and rare cancer surgeries, including:

  • Limb-sparing surgery for extremity sarcomas
  • Vision and eye-saving surgery for retinoblastoma
  • Solid tumor surgeries that protect vital healthy tissues, such as blood vessels, kidneys and limbs.
  • Advanced, complex neurosurgery for brain tumors

Why St. Jude for Your Child’s Surgery?


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Ruthie's Story: Bilateral Wilms Tumor

Doctors diagnosed Ruthie with bilateral Wilms tumor at 8 months old. Faced with the prospect of their child losing both kidneys, possible transplant and dialysis, Ruthie’s parents searched for surgical services that offered experience and expertise. Luckily for Ruthie, they found St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


While most other surgeons would remove one or even both kidneys, our approach is to save as much normal kidney on both sides when possible. That's where experience counts.

-Andrew Davidoff, MD, Chair of Surgery

Surgical procedure at St. Jude

Can my child come to St. Jude for surgery?

Any child who meets the surgery eligibility requirements is a candidate for surgery at St. Jude. This includes children receiving treatment at other hospitals.

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Surgical procedure at St. Jude

Why choose St. Jude for my child's surgery?

St. Jude surgeons have pioneered safer, more effective surgical cures for children with cancer for decades. We use less invasive procedures to help your child recover faster and with less pain.

Why choose St. Jude for surgery

Surgical procedure at St. Jude

What can I expect when my child needs surgery?

You've gone through the eligibility process. Your child qualifies for surgery at St. Jude. What’s next? Knowing what to expect will help your family prepare for your child's surgery visit.

What to expect when your child needs surgery at St. Jude


Brain tumor surgery


There are two times your child may need surgery for a brain tumor. The first is to do a biopsy, which helps diagnose the type of tumor. The second is to remove as much of the tumor as possible as part of the treatment. 

St. Jude partners with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to offer one of the largest pediatric surgical brain tumor programs in the country.


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