Brain Tumor Treatment Patient Stories

  • Jaxon's Journey

    Jaxon's Journey

    After a minor accident prompted a medical evaluation that led to an early diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a 13-year-old boy expresses his story in poetry form.

  • Ingram and His Sibling Stars

    Ingram and His Sibling Stars

    Three-year-old Ingram was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Now he is flying high, thanks to St. Jude and the loving support of his sisters, who raised more than $220,000 for the hospital.

  • Beam of Hope

    Beam of Hope

    Beth colorfully compares her first proton therapy treatment session to watching a scene from a science fiction movie unfold around her.

  • What’s Up, Doc?

    What’s Up, Doc?

    MJ Holloway is not going to let a brain tumor interfere with his career aspirations.