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St. Jude patient Lea with her brother Derek

Target team member in Memphis, where St. Jude is located, as well as St. Jude patient Lea with her brother Derek

Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

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Target Corporation is celebrating its 20th anniversary of supporting St. Jude.

The dedication to our lifesaving mission began in 1996 and has continued through media, fundraising and vendor support worth millions.


Target Corporation supports St. Jude in several ways:

Target team members in Memphis and around the country regularly volunteer their time and talents to St. Jude. Target supports the hospital through fun biannual Bullseye Bash events for patient families, event sponsorships, vendor financial support, corporate gifts and media events; and with the help of their vendors and celebrity partners, has provided more than $68 million in media, fundraising and vendor support since 1996.

Target House exterior

In 2016, Target celebrated the 20th anniversary of supporting St. Jude’s mission of finding cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The partnership began in 1996 with Target’s commitment to design and build Target House, the hospital’s long-term residential facility, as a free home away from home for patients and their families. Since opening in 1999, Target House has been a place of comfort and respite for more than 4,500 families while their children receive treatment at St. Jude.

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