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Join Target in supporting St. Jude


Target launches the 10th Annual Heartwork Art Benefiting Target House

Target's Heartwork Art will be launching on October 29, 2020, with 10 artists sharing limited release pieces with benefits going to the art room at Target House. Check out the collection of gifts that give back.

CEO of Target with patient families

Laysha Ward, Target Executive, spent her 2019 holiday with the St. Jude families.

Target Corporation is celebrating 20 years of the St. Jude Target House

The dedication to our lifesaving mission began in 1996 and has continued through media, fundraising and vendor support worth millions.

Target team members around the country regularly volunteer their time and talents to St. Jude.

Target House exterior

The partnership began with Target’s commitment to design and build Target House, the hospital’s long-term residential facility. Since opening in 1999, Target House has been a place of comfort for more than 4,500 families while their children receive treatment at St. Jude.

Target supports the hospital through hosting events for patient families, event sponsorships, vendor financial support, corporate gifts and media events.

With the help of vendors and celebrity partners, Target has provided more than $68 million in media, fundraising and vendor support.


Target employees volunteering the Fun Fair from 2019.


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