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Join Delta Air Lines in supporting St. Jude


Delta employees volunteering to raise funds for St. Jude families in 2019.


Delta Air Lines has been a St. Jude corporate partner since 2010 and has raised over $3.5 million in-kind donations for St. Jude.  

Delta has been a dedicated supporter of St. Jude by offering St. Jude inclusion as a selected charity featured on Delta’s SkyWish Program. The SkyWish program allows Delta's frequent flyers to donate miles to a select group of charities, and St. Jude has been a member of Delta's SkyWish program for eight years which offers an average of 125 flights to patient families each year valued at $200,000. 

Delta also supports St. Jude through local community and national event sponsorships. For 2019, Delta's sponsorship for St. Jude was $150,000 with the majority of the funding supporting Delta cities of Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York, Minneapolis and Seattle.

In the December issue of their SKY magazine, Delta will feature a St. Jude Thanks and Giving® ad.


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