The mission of the ECTL is to help St. Jude investigators develop clinical grade manufacturing processes in close collaboration with the St. Jude GMP facility. The Laboratory is focused primarily on:

  1. Develops processes and provides services for clinical scale purification, engineering, genetic modification, expansion, and cryopreservation of cells
  2. Generates relevant data, prepares documents to support Investigational New Drug (IND) applications to the FDA
  3. Develops, Identifies, introduces, and validates new technologies to facilitate and improve processes for manufacturing cellular therapeutics.
Biorepository Overview
four men in white coats


The ECTL has five senior researchers, each holding a Ph.D. degree in biological or medical sciences with over ten years of post-degree laboratory research experience. All ECTL researcher undergo cGMP training conducted by the quality assurance team of GMP and actively engage in weekly cell and gene therapy meetings alongside clinical and laboratory-based investigators and GMP personnel. These collaborative efforts streamline the effective development and seamless transfer of the manufacturing processes for novel cellular products to the GMP for production.


It is time consuming and requires massive resources to move therapeutics from the bench side to GMP, and ECTL helps up to make this process effective and efficient.

Giedre Krenciute, Assistant Member


  • 2 CliniMACS Prodigies
  • CliniMACS Plus instrument
  • Sepex-Pro cell washing device
  • 13-color Cytoflex Flow Cytometer
  • BD Lyric Flow Cytometer
  • Ella automated ELISA platform
  • SpectraMaxi3x Multi-Mode Microplate Detection platform
  • NC-200 dual fluorescent cell counters
  • Clinical scale MaxCyte GTx transfection system
  • Research scale 4D-Nucleofector transfection system
  • 4D Nucleofector clinical scale LV unit
  • CryoMed controlled rate freezer
  • 5 biosafety cabinets
  • 4 CO2 incubators
  • 2 Olympus upright microscopes
  • 4 Sorvall XTR centrifuges
  • Additional freezers and standard laboratory equipment

Meet the team

Na Shang, Albert Zhou, Jeoung-Eun Park, Jie Lin

Clockwise, from left: Na Shang, Albert Zhou, Jeoung-Eun Park, Jie Lin

Albert Zhou, PhD
Dir-Experimental Cellular Therapeutics Lab

Fei Zheng, PhD

Jie Lin, PhD

Jeoung-Eun Park, PhD
Sr Scientist-Development

Na Shang, PhD
Sr Scientist-Development